【Personal Chef】

※Ryukyu Villa Alliance

Primitive cooking with wood or charcoal fire by popular bistro restaurant in Nase, “Imaginary restaurant kurau” 

【Course Example】

・Aperitif (homemade sangria with island fruits)

・Assorted appetizers (homemade ham and pate made from island pork). etc

・Salad(Seasonal vegetables and fruits in season on the island)

・Hot dish (homemade sausage made with "Akarinton" brand pork and seasonal vegetables)

・Fish dishes (aqua pazza and bouillabaisse using local seafood. etc.)

・Meat dishes (Charcoal & open fire cooking)

・Homemade bread




For 4 persons: 12,500 yen per person (tax not included)

For 3 persons: 16,700 yen per person (tax not included)

For 2 persons: 25,000 yen per person (tax not included)

※Consumption tax will be charged separately.

Nature wine (French, Spanish, Italian)
4,000yen〜 per a bottle

【Payment method】

Cash, credit card (JCB not accepted), Paypay



Reservation Deadline: 1 week in advance