”Amami Style BBQ”
Delivery service(food/Grill/gas/cleanup service included )

We offer a barbecue course of carefully selected ingredients seasoned with our original recipes.


●Beef skewer
The juicy top blade are diced for easy consumption and grilled on skewers Amami style. The barbecue skewers served with vegetables from Amami Oshima and Kyushu are exceptional!
Eating it simply with Amami salt collected on the night of the new moon is amazing!

Amami uncut bone-in pork marinated slowly for 8 hours in our original blend of BBQ RUB (spices) and grilled to perfection.

●Aqua Pazza (Island Fisherman's Cuisine)
White fish "Akamatsu", which is valued as a high quality fish in Amami-Oshima, is marinated with oregano, thyme and other herbs for a long time. Steamed in our original broth based on white wine, oil sardine and olive oil! Enjoy the fine "Akamatsu" served with aromatic herbs!

●Paradise Prawn(or Japanese Tiger Prawn)and Japanese Common Squid
The quality prawns and squid grilled simply with Amami salt are an exceptional island delicacy!

●Frankfurter with bone
High-quality frankfurters with crispy surface skin and juicy baked inside.

●Green salad
Vegetables from Amami Oshima and Kyushu are served with original dressing.

●Grilled vegetables (from Amami-Oshima and Kyushu)

●Rice balls
White rice + brown rice blended and cooked.

【Set Contents】
food/grill/gas/cookware/seasoning/cleanup service(Our staff will come to clean up afterwards)included

More than 3 persons 5,000 yen per person (tax included)
2 persons 6,000 yen per person (tax included)

Cooking staff (griller):+11,000yen (tax included)

【Payment Method】
Local payment (cash, PayPay, credit card)

【Reservation Deadline】
By 12:00 noon the day before

Office Hours: 9:30am~9:30pm
AMARHYTHM: 070-8949-3445