※Winter only (November to March)

Supervision of "Sake and appetizer Miyagawa"

~Only at Ryukyu Villa~

We will serve the belly and loin of "Island Kurobuta" raised in the nature of Amami Oshima, a tropical island, with special ponzu and sesame sauce, island tofu, vegetables, and ramen noodles to finish the meal.


【Set Contents】

1.Island Kurobuta pork loin

2.Island Kurobuta pork belly

3.Ponzu(Miyagawa Special)

4.Sesame sauce(Miyagawa Special)

5.Dashi pack for pot

6.Vegetables(lettuce, green onion, shiitake mushroom, enoki mushroom)※Depends on the season

7.Island tofu

8.Ramen noodles(Ootoran Special)

9.Ramen soup(Ootoran Special)

10.Gas stove

11.Canned gas

12.Earthenware pot


▼Amami Island Ponsu(Miyagawa Special)

It is brewed with "Atariya soy sauce" brewed on Amami Oshima Island and "Tankan", a specialty of the island. The fresh aroma and sweet taste bring out the flavor of the island pork even more.

Peanut sesame sauce(Miyagawa Special)

Fragrant roasted sesame seeds and Amami-Oshima peanuts add richness to this dish. The rich sesame sauce goes well with the meat.


"Sake and appetizer Miyagawa"

Under the concept of "Izakaya where you can eat restaurant food," we offer a new style of cuisine that has evolved from the seasonal ingredients produced in Amami with a focus on deliciousness.

We serve carefully selected sake, Amami brown sugar shochu, natural wine, craft beer, and a variety of home-made brown sugar shochu sours made with seasonal fruits and herbs.

first floor, Sakoda building, 10-13, Nazeitsubucho, Amami(Tell: 0997-58-8537)



▼Noodles(Ootoran Special)

The owner, who makes different types of noodles for each soup, has prepared "homemade thin noodles" for the shabu-shabu set. You can feel the smoothness of the noodle only possible with hand-kneaded noodles.

▼Ramen soup(Ootoran Special)

Soup for "AMAMI Tonkotsu Ramen", a popular dish at Ootoran restaurants. By adding it to the soup stock after shabu-shabu, it creates a deep and luxurious soup.



Using homemade noodles, the menu features special AMAMI Soba, special AMAMI Salt Soba, Island Pork Oil Soba, AMAMI Tonkotsu Ramen, and other dishes that take advantage of the special characteristics of Amami Oshima.
8-9, Nazekanekucho, Amami(Tell: 090-8919-1922)



【Charge】※Shipping and tax included

・2 persons(pork400g):7,000yen

・3 persons(pork600g):9,500yen



※We will try to deliver a half portion of belly and half portion of loin, but the distribution may vary depending on the availability of the meat.


【Reservation Deadline】

By 12:00 noon, 2 days before the desired delivery date


We will prepare it in the refrigerator in the room.


Please place your order from My Page shown in the e-mail (accommodation reservation confirmation e-mail).